Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Benefits of the NEW Explore the Bible Adult Daily Discipleship Guide

Don't miss these benefits of the New ETB Adult Daily Discipleship Guide beginning this Fall:
  1. The DDG is built on an education model that doesn't require advanced reading before the group study - that makes the DDG a great tool for making disciples because group leaders have told us their people don't read the PSG before class. Everyone, including guests (and that's a big plus) start out on even ground. It aligns the resource with church/group member practice.
  2. The DDG is an "all in one" resource - Never before have we provided any of our "big 3" lines of curriculum in this format. Group members and leaders use the same book. Teaching plans are in the back of the PSG. This makes distribution a breeze for medium, large, and mega churches. 
  3. The DDG works with every additional resource we have in the ETB universe - The DDG works with the Leader Pack, QuickSource, Adult Commentary, and Biblical Illustrator.
  4. The DDG helps people do the one thing that positions them for spiritual growth - The DDG's daily reading/study plan that comes at the end of each session drives people to spend time in God's Word daily. According to the research by Dr. Waggoner for the Shape of Faith to Come book, daily interaction with God's Word is the number one indicator that a person is postured to grow spiritually.
  5. The DDG has a "D Group" feature that no other curriculum line has currently - We make it easy for a church to streamline the Bible study of its adults:  groups use the DDG, individuals then study daily in the DDG, and smaller groups of adults (D Groups/accountability groups) use the Talk It Out feature at the end of each Bible study, which aligns them around one resource, not 2 or 3. It simplifies the disciple-making process.
  6. The DDG is great for raising up new teacher/leaders - because the leader materials are included in the back of the DDG, a group leader could ask a group member (apprentice?) to follow along in the teaching plans to see what he uses, doesn't use, and adds to the Bible study. Later in the week, the group leader can get together with the apprentice and review what was done/left out in the group plan. This turns into a coaching opportunity and helps groom a new leader to one day (1) teach portions of the lesson (2) teach the entire lesson. If a teacher is going to be out of town, the apprentice already has the materials in hand that he/she needs to lead the group's Bible study - it's all in the back of the DDG.