Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Live Preview Event of the NEW Explore the Bible Daily Discipleship Guide

Daily Discipleship Guide Live Preview Event

Join the free, live preview of the new Explore the Bible Daily Discipleship Guide
  • Be one of the first to see all the new features.
  • See how it aligns the group meeting with daily Bible reading. 
  • Find out how it makes training new leaders easier.
  • Discover the similarities and differences with the Personal Study Guide.
  • Determine if the Daily Discipleship Guide is right for your group or church.
Viewing is limited, so sign up early for this free event.
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Meet the trainers:
Ken BraddyKen Braddy is manager of LifeWay’s ongoing adult Bible study curriculum, an adult Sunday School teacher, and a former minister of education.
Dwayne McCraryDwayne McCrary is a team leader in the development of Explore the Bible for Adults, a Bible study leader, an adjunct seminary professor, and a former church staff member.