Friday, May 12, 2017

The Psalms Were Meant To Be Sung, So Let’s Sing Them!

A sanctuary fills. The worship ministry leads the congregation, the Spirit moves, and hearts are prepared to hear a message from God’s Word. Then, the Scripture is spoken as it was intended to be. This is the usual flow of a modern worship service. When a church encounters the Psalms, however, such and order of service would be backward.

We have arranged 3 of the Psalms for worship and have done so with regard to their original intent and context. We worked with Tommy Walker, Mike Harland, and Chamel Evans to provide a teaching video on the story behind each Psalm. These are all free at the link below. Furthermore, you can sign up to win free copies of the Explore the Bible 6 week study of the Psalms (including the 3 with worship arrangements) for your worship ministry or choir (up to 50 copies).

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