Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Spring/Summer 2017 LifeWay Kids Updates

Check out these Spring/Summer 2017 Kids Updates... - We are excited about our new URL that will direct folks to all of our "training" resources. Housed under Kids Ministry 101 is the Blog, Podcasts, Video Training, and other resource links. We will continue to use the page to keep all of our training related helps "under one roof." (Look for a new "Gospel-Centered" Kids Ministry training video series releasing this month on Kids Ministry 101).

Christian Standard Bible - The CSB translation has released with several options for kids either already released or coming soon. Check out this link for the most up-to-date releases:

CSB in LifeWay Kids On-Going Resources - CSB is now the primary translation in Bible Studies for LifeExplore the Bible, and The Gospel Project. This mid-year change (started with the spring release) has caught some by surprise but we want to make sure you know of the change should you be asked. The most effected of the three is Bible Studies for Life (verses actually printed in Leader and Learner pieces) but the other two have replaced HCSB with the CSB in their packs. Here's an article that might help you:

Gospel-Centered Kids Ministry - This new book by Brian Dembowczyk released on March 15. This quick read will help to clarify the "Gospel-Centered" strategy and how that can be implemented in a Kids Ministry. A copy of that book has been ordered for you and will be shipped soon. Meanwhile, here's the link to the current ordering page:

Best of LifeWay Kids Preschool Worship DVD-ROM.  A compilation of preschool music videos and live lyric videos from various LifeWay Kids brands.  Includes PDFs of devotionals for kids, curated from LifeWay Kids devotional magazines.  RELEASE DATE: APRIL 15, 2017.

Best of LifeWay Kids Children’s Worship DVD-ROM. A compilation of elementary kids music videos and live lyric videos from various LifeWay Kids brands. Includes PDFs of devotionals for kids, curated from LifeWay Kids devotional magazines. RELEASE DATE: APRIL 15, 2017.

"Going Vertical" NEW Preschool and Children's Editions of TeamKid (the first time preschool and children's TeamKID are one the same theme - "Going Vertical" is the next step in helping kids grow closer to God. "Going Vertical" will help kids understand the makeup and message of the Bible by answering big questions kids have like, "Is the Bible Important?" "What makes up the Bible?" "What's the message of the Bible?" " How do all these stories fit together?" "How do I read the Bible?" Going Vertical will progress through the Bible in 36 weeks, emphasizing major books, stories, and truths of the Bible. RELEASE DATE: JUNE 1, 2017.

Christ-Centered Parenting: Gospel Conversations on Complex Cultural Issues - A six session, video driven study written by ERLC leaders, Russell Moore and Phillip Bethancourt designed to equip families to be conversant in the cultural issues that children face each day. This Adult Ministry Publishing is scheduled to RELEASE DATE: AUGUST 1, 2017.

Go & Tell Kids: Mission Trip VBS - This conveniently packed "grab and go" backpack includes a flip chart with teaching pictures (and other teaching aids) for Preschool and Children's Bible study sessions, crafts, recreation, and "rally times." Also included is a flash drive with files for administration, teaching, promoting, clip art, coloring pages and more. (Note: there is no music or video in this resource). RELEASE DATE: AUGUST 15, 2017.

ETCH Family Ministry Conference - Early Bird rate of $275.00 (individual rate) $225.00 (team rate) expires on May 31, 2017.

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