Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Overwhelmed parents focus of new resource

By Aaron Earls
As the parents of two, Josh and Christi Straub know how exhausting modern parenting can be. Teaching children to know God can feel like one more item on a daunting to-do list.

So the Straubs and LifeWay Christian Stores have created TwentyTwoSix, a subscription-based resource to help parents be more confident in the discipleship of their children -- without adding time to a jam-packed schedule.
"To disciple our kids requires intentionality and creativity," said Josh Straub, marriage and family strategist at LifeWay Christian Resources. "Yet busy schedules, projects, push notifications on our phones and just plain exhaustion can stifle our creativity and force us to place our to-do lists over our kids."
And many current parents were not discipled by their parents. "So, in a lot of ways, we're simply starting from scratch, not really even sure where to begin."