Friday, March 24, 2017

The Christian Standard Bible - Faithful and True

Christian Standard Bible / Faithful and True
The Bible Your People Use Must Be Trustworthy and it Must Make a Heart Connection
The CSB is designed to be both literal and readable. 
A translation that is trustworthy, and easy to understand. A Bible pastors can preach from, and anyone can easily share with a friend or neighbor reading it for the very first time. The goal of the CSB is simply this: to grow the number of people reading God's Word and serve the Church in her mission to make disciples.
"I am deeply grateful for the Christian Standard Bible, because it is rigorously faithful to the original languages without sacrificing clear readability. This translation will help believers and non-believers around the world be able to read, understand, memorize, obey, and proclaim God's Word."
You don't have to choose between
accuracy and readability.
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