Monday, October 17, 2016

3 steps to starting a new group

When a lay person in the church is asked to lead a new group, one of the most common reactions is, “But I don’t know enough about the Bible.”

Technically, none of us knows enough. But we all know something, and LifeWay can help with the rest.
  1. Start with Bible Studies for Life, which is a leader-friendly Bible study that group members find very practical and rewarding.
  2. Order a Personal Study Guide for each member so everyone is on the same page, the same subject, and the same verses.
  3. Get your new leader a Complete Leader Experience Pack. This resource contains everything a group leader needs to guide the group with confidence:
    • Leader Pack – which includes videos, a customizable Leader Guide, posters, and more
    • Leader Guide – which features the group plan to facilitate discussion
    • Personal Study Guide – so they can get a feel for what participants are studying
    • Advanced Bible Study – to get additional insights into the Scripture
    • Biblical Illustrator – for well-researched articles that add rich detail to the study content
Starting new groups develops your leaders, matures your members, and ultimately grows your church. In 2017, get your new leaders and your church off to a great start.
Order a pack
Order Personal Study Guides