Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Helpful checklist for starting a new group

Research shows that starting a new group connects an average of 10 new people to your church. So how do you get started?

Here's a useful checklist that can help lead you through the process. It includes many details that are often forgotten or overlooked.

Perhaps the most important decision is choosing a Bible study. Here are four reasons why Bible Studies for Life is ideal for starting a new group:
  • Easy to lead – clear directives and simple instructions are provided to help the leader guide a discussion based on Scripture.
  • Focused – each session stresses one main point that connects the Bible to life.
  • Educational – included commentary gives the leader a deeper understanding of the people, places, and Bible customs mentioned in the passage.
  • Inspiring – each session ends with a "Live It Out" section that challenges the group to bring the study's main point to life.
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