Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The 8 Stages of Leading Good Change in the Church

By Eric Geiger

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I am honored to lead the Resources Division at LifeWay and serve with a team of leaders who are passionate to serve the Church in Her mission of making disciples. Each Wednesday, I share the heart behind one of the resources our team has developed and give an opportunity for you to register to win a free copy of the resource. This week’s resource is Thom Rainer’s new book, Who Moved My Pulpit: Leading Change in the Church.

Yes, Dr. Rainer is my boss, and he has been an important part of my leadership development over the years. I have had the blessing to spend plenty of time with him, including working with him on the book Simple Church. His latest book is one that is important to leaders of all types of churches because all churches wrestle with change at some point in their journey. Change is something we as leaders will encounter and need to be prepared in how to lead through it.

Below is a post from Dr. Rainer...