Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Gospel Project Kids Unit 8 (Easter) in My Curriculum Manager

By Brian Dembowczyk
Every Easter and Christmas, we provide 2-3 sessions to help your kids understand and celebrate these two important events.  Of course, this means that we step out of the chronology for these Easter and Christmas units so that these sessions can fall on the correct dates for each. Sometimes, the Easter and Christmas units align nicely with the other two units in the volume, but there are other times, like Spring 2016, where the Easter unit falls right in the middle of the previous unit.
To schedule the Easter sessions on the correct dates, we basically had to make Unit 8 (Easter) part of Unit 7. So you will not see Unit 8—just two sessions labeled “Easter” as part of unit 7. When you set March 6, 2016 as your first use date, the sessions will align in the correct order, so you can let your teams know they can trust the scheduler.
When you are looking for unit resources, the Unit 7 resources will be at the top of the list and if you scroll down a way, you will see the Easter unit resources beneath them clearly labeled.
In June 2016, we will revert this volume back to having three distinct units for churches that use this material after the current spring season.