Wednesday, October 14, 2015

5 Ways Your Church Can Be More Bro Friendly

By Kris Dolberry
My favorite movie of all time is Remember the Titans. There is a scene in that movie where the Titans are facing major adversity. So, defense coordinator, Bill Yoast, calls timeout and huddles his defensive unit up. He then launches into a speech that becomes a turning point in the game. He emphatically declares, “I don’t want them to gain another yard!…. You make sure they remember forever the night they played the Titans!” The team rallies and goes on to dominate the game.
My heart comes alive every time I watch that scene. It makes me emotional– not in a weird sensitive crying kind of way. Rather in a I-could-run-through-a-wall-right-now kind of way. The same thing happens when Maximus reveals his true identity to Commodus inGladiator and in Armageddon when Harry chooses to stay behind on the asteroid and give his life for the sake of the mission. Must I go on?
There’s something about the flywheel of masculinity that it is engaged in moments like this. Why? Men have a longing to be great. We resonate with danger, challenge, and achievement.
To men, many churches feel more like The Notebook than Gladiator. Think about it. Change a word here and there, and many modern worship songs could be a contemporary love song played on mainstream radio. In how many churches are terms like “sweet Jesus”or “intimacy with Him”common language? This kind of feminine organizational culture will leave even the most committed Christian men feeling uncomfortable. As for dudes who don’t follow Jesus, they will run for the hills perceiving that church is not a place for them. Is it even necessary to discuss the long term consequences of such things?
I believe there are at least 5 steps every pastor can take to quickly create a more masculine bro-friendly culture within your church.