Monday, August 3, 2015

A Nerd’s-Eye View of DevoHub

By Patrick Watts

When was the last time you brought some kind of technology to your church that seemed really amazing? Immersive projection? Barcode check-in? Air conditioning? With DevoHub, you can offer your church family a new technological tool that is not only cool but, at its core, helps connect people with God in their daily walk.
When you sign your church up at, you’ll find your church property on a Google map and draw a circle around it to set up an “activation zone.” That’s about all there is to the setup process. Then, you’ll want to have an iOS, Android or Kindle device handy and install the “DevoHub” app from your app store.
As soon as you launch DevoHub for the first time, the app “phones home” and says, “Here’s where my GPS says that I am.” Nearly immediately, the server figures out whether you’re inside the circle that you drew on the map when you set up DevoHub and, if so, says, “I see you! Grab these devotionals!”
The app activation is immediate and permanent for as long as your church subscribes to DevoHub; your church members don’t have to activate every time they want another devotional. Five ongoing devotional series will be downloaded to their device, so they can toggle back and forth between Journey (for women), Stand Firm (for men), Open Windows (a classic devotional for anyone), Quietud (a Spanish-language devotional) and a brand-new devotional titled Renew Daily. And, every time they launch the app for their daily devotional, they’re greeted with a message that lets them know that your church provided DevoHub for them.
Out of the gate, DevoHub is supporting iOS 7, Android 4.2 and Kindle Fire in both phone and tablet form so the widest number of people possible can pick up devotionals from your church. If a device is Wi-Fi only, DevoHub will do its best locating possible, but you may have to draw a second circle or expand the one you initially drew to loop these devices in.
Although the content is geared towards adults, the pricing for subscriptions is based on a church’s total average weekly attendance. The DevoHub team has estimated how many adult members and visitors a typical church has for each attendance band and has made the DevoHub subscription tiers match. The team’s hope is that you can use DevoHub not only with your congregation but also with visitors and prospects, so that every time they launch the app for a daily devotion, they can be reminded…“oh yeah… it was that church that gave us this awesome app!”
But, reading about DevoHub really isn’t the best way to learn about it. DevoHub’s made that easy too—head to to start a two-week free trial of the service. It doesn’t even ask for a credit card up front. During those two weeks, you can activate as many devices as you like. If you like what you see, you can start your month-to-month subscription during your trial, and all the devices will keep receiving devotionals nonstop.

Patrick holds the position of Lead Business Analyst in the Publishing and Event Technology Department of the Resources Division at LifeWay Christian Resources. Day to day, Patrick joins forces with leadership across the division to architect, maintain and renew products and processes that make it easy for churches to do their work…to allow them to focus on what’s most important: ministry.
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