Monday, September 15, 2014

The Gospel Project (2015-2018)

At the end of Summer 2015 we will complete the original 3 year study plan for The Gospel Project and we will begin a new cycle in Fall 2015.  We will announce the new study plan more publicly in December 2014, but this hidden post provides an early, behind the scenes look at our upcoming plans.

In the fall of 2015, The Gospel Project will begin a new, chronological Christ-centered study cycle in which all ages—Adults, Students, and Kids – will discover the over-arching thread of redemption weaving through Scripture from Genesis to Revelation. Every session, participants will be immersed in the gospel and challenged to live on mission.

What can you expect from The Gospel Project relaunch?
  • Christ-centered: Each session will point to Christ as the hero of the story, and show how the gospel transforms hearts and applies to every area of life.
  • Chronological: The cycle will move participants, babies to adults, from Genesis to Revelation in three years.
  • Age Aligned: All ages, from babies to adults, will be aligned in Bible passages.