Friday, July 11, 2014

The Cost of Not Delegating

The pastor’s week is filled with decisions. And if we are being honest, for a good number of these decisions the pastor is clueless. In any given week the pastor will need to not only manage his own time but also plot out the weekly schedule for the tables in the fellowship hall. He’ll go from plunging the depths of Scripture—searching for meaning and trying to discover how to preach it—to plunging the always-clogged toilet in the children’s wing. Decisions will need be made about fixing doors, how many wood chips to order, and where the best place in town is to buy bunk beds.

When the pastor is not making decisions on those things that he doesn’t understand he’ll also be consulted for things in which he has training. But even still some of the relationship questions and moral quandaries that he is presented with will leave even the most seasoned pastor scratching his head.

The weight is indeed too much for one man to bear alone.