Saturday, June 7, 2014

13 Books Every Leader Should Read

By Eric Geiger

I am frequently asked about what business/leadership books I think are helpful for church leaders to read. I think there are two polar opposites that need to be avoided when believers who lead ministries consider adding “leadership and business books” to their reading diet.

On one extreme, there are people who consider it unspiritual and ludicrous for a church leader to read a leadership book written from a perspective that is not distinctly Christian. After all, what does leading an organization have to do with the sacred body of Christ? Or as Tertullian asked, “What does Athens have to do with Jerusalem?” On the other end of the spectrum are those who read every leadership book possible, insisting that because “all truth is God’s truth,” there are important lessons for the people of God.

While I understand both views, I think it is wise to avoid the extremes. We must heed the caution not to compare the bride of Christ to another organization, but there are some helpful insights to be learned from the secular world. As Jesus said, “sometimes the sons of this age are more astute than the sons of light.” At the same time, we must read with a discerning mind knowing that we are often reading from a view of “the sons of this age.”

With that said, here are thirteen books I think can be helpful to church leaders. I have placed an overarching need the book addresses in parentheses next to the title.