Friday, June 6, 2014

10 Wise Leadership Lessons I’ll Never Forget

By Faith Whatley

I am so grateful for the leaders who have poured into my life and development over the years. It’s those same leaders you find yourself quoting as you mature into your leadership voice. When you start to lead a team these treasured nuggets of advice are put to the test. Here’s some of the best advice I’ve ever received:

1. Cultivate Relationships. More than 20 years ago a very wise leader told me to work hard and build a lot of relationships. No matter the size of the company or your team, make sure you know everyone.

2. Learn from Weakness. If you find yourself under poor leadership, take time to learn from that weak leader. You can learn just as much from a weak leader as you can from a strong leader. When you have a weak leader, you learn things you should never do which can be more important than the things you should do.

3. Just Get Happy. Sometimes we just need someone to reset our emotions and expectations. There have been times I have felt unsettled and wondered what life would be like if I made a drastic career change. In other words, could the grass be greener on the other side? These times have been rare, but someone really important to me said, “You need to get happy, you are in a good situation.” When my attitude changed, I found new energy in my work.