Friday, May 9, 2014

Summer 2014 Bible Studies from LifeWay


Beyond Belief: Exploring the Character of God
by Freddy Cardoza
Too many people base their understanding of God on their own perceptions: “I think God is…” It’s not important what we think, but it is important what God says about Himself. Beyond Belief will lead you and your group into a study of the infinite character of God as it focuses on six attributes of God that lead us to living fruitful lives in right relationship with Him.

Resilient Faith: Standing Strong
In the Midst of Suffering
by Mary Jo Sharp
For too many people, their faith is shaken. Faith in Christ can and should be constant because Christ, the One in whom we place our faith, is constant. We all face or will face difficult times when we need to stand firm in our Christ-centered faith. The Book of 1 Peter offers the needed understanding of what a resilient faith looks like and how we can stand strong regardless of what comes at us.

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