Thursday, May 29, 2014

Free Access to Sermon Illustrations Database and Other Resources from Dr. Tom Goodman

In the Spring of 2007 as I was preparing to make a ministry change I experienced incredible pains working thru my collection of ministry notes and resources that I had collected over a 35 year period. I had lots of stuff to sort thru and decide what to keep and what not to keep. Decisions had to be made because I knew that I could not keep the 3000+ volumes in my library nor the nine filing cabinets of papers, notes, articles, etc. There was just not going to be space in my home office into which I was moving.

These materials represented my life and ministry going back to my teen years and it pained me to know most of it would have to go since I could not access it electronically or physically store it any longer. So, I began the process of discarding and giving away what to me was extremely valuable and personal until I got it down to a more managible size. And I will always have moments when I, I wish I still had those notes.

This was my flash back as I read my email today from Dr. Tom Goodman at Hillcrest Baptist Church in Austin. Congratulations Tom on your accomplishment in digitizing so much of your work and your willingness to share it with others.

Here is a weblink where you can access many years of this fine pastors hard study, work, and writing. Enjoy and be blessed!