Tuesday, May 27, 2014

4 Benefits of Bible Study Alignment

If you know the story of Southwest Airlines as told in the book Nuts!, then you know that the airline aligned its fleet around one type of aircraft — the 737. Replacement parts were interchangeable. Pilots were trained efficiently on flying one type of airplane, not several types. Flight crews could be transferred from plane to plane and they were always familiar with the layout and safety features of each plane because every aircraft was the same. Mechanics were trained to work on one type of aircraft - you guessed it — the 737.

Southwest's simple philosophy of aligning its fleet, employees, and customers around one type of plane has paid huge dividends for the airline. In fact, Southwest has consistently been profitable while many other airlines have gone bankrupt. Alignment works.

Is there any real benefit to aligning different age groups in your church through the same Bible study? Is there any benefit if you align even for a short amount of time? The answer is "yes."