Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Visioneering Church Design at LifeWay

LifeWay Christian Resources has announced a new strategic partnership with Visioneering Studios to operate a new design studio at LifeWay’s downtown Nashville campus, re-tooling LifeWay’s 97-year-old architecture department.
Visioneering Studios is a firm with a strong reputation for excellence in design. Mel McGowan, president of Visioneering, started the firm in 2002 after spending nearly a decade with the Walt Disney Company. He has not only spearheaded the master planning and design of theme parks, he has worked with megachurches and hundreds of smaller churches across the nation.
With studios in Orange County, Calif., Denver, Colo., Austin, Texas, Charlotte, N.C., and now Nashville, the studio has won numerous awards including a Best Church Architect award in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.
The emphasis is on designing “modern-day Jacob’s Wells” where people gather, interact and share in various ways beyond the Sunday morning worship event. The facility is used as a tool for ministry seven days a week. The days of designing church facilities to only be used one day a week are over, according to McGowan.
Of the new relationship with LifeWay, McGowan said, “We are very excited about this new partnership and the synergy it brings to churches open to moving beyond simply constructing a new building, to planning a true gathering place to grow, multiply and positively impact their community.”
Visioneering Studios is an “envision – design – build” firm that can take the church from concept through construction and beyond. Churches no longer have to find independent contractors to construct the designs LifeWay provides. They have a trusted partner within the LifeWay family that can walk through the entire process alongside them.
Gary Nicholson, studio director of the new LifeWay studio and a 20-plus-year LifeWay employee said the new partnership “will improve and expand the ways LifeWay can serve churches. Both LifeWay and Visioneering are passionate about helping churches through the design and building process and designing environments that are open and inviting to the community and serve as effective tools for worship, discipleship and ministry.”
Visioneering Studios at LifeWay will also team with Auxano, LifeWay’s consulting services, to offer a comprehensive array of advanced services, including vision planning from Auxano, as well as architecture, interior design, environmental graphics and design-build capabilities from Visioneering.
More information about the services available from Visioneering Studios at LifeWay is available at