Friday, April 18, 2014

The worship style Millennials want

By Thom S. Rainer

Most Millennials don't think in the old worship war paradigm. In that regard, "style" of worship is not their primary focus. Instead they seek worship services and music that have three major elements.

1. They desire the music to have rich content. They desire to sing those songs that reflect deep biblical and theological truths. It is no accident that the hymnody of Keith and Kristyn Getty has taken the Millennials by storm. Their music reflects those deep and rich theological truths.

2. The Millennials desire authenticity in a worship service. They can sense when congregants and worship leaders are going through the motions. And they will reject such perfunctory attitudes altogether.

3. This large generation does want a quality worship service. But that quality must be paired with the authenticity noted above and stem from adequate preparation of the worship leaders both spiritually and in time of rehearsal. In that sense, quality worship services are possible for churches of all sizes.