Monday, April 21, 2014

20 Spring Ideas for Small Groups

By Rick Howerton

In many parts of the country, small groups will be able to climb out from under the chill of winter and involve themselves in outdoor activities.

Just as our hearts come alive when sunshine and warmth arrive, a group can come alive in a communal fashion if the group leader realizes, organizes, and spearheads outdoor activities for the group.

By doing this, a group that has grown apathetic will often come back to life. 

Here are a few ideas you might consider
  1. Have a picnic at the local park.
  2. Go hiking.
  3. Find a cafe or restaurant with outdoor seating and spend time together.
  4. Go horseback riding.
  5. Sit around a bonfire, cook hot dogs, and eat s’mores—it’s still pretty cool at night during spring in much of the country!
  6. Go on a weekend spiritual retreat.
  7. Go camping.
  8. Do a mission trip or local mission project together.
  9. Go to a farmer’s market.
  10. Go on a riverboat excursion.
  11. Go to the beach, lake, or local park and throw Frisbees.
  12. Involve your group in a charity walk or run. You can find many of them online including Walk for HungerCancer Awareness, etc.
  13. Go to a minor league or professional baseball game.
  14. Have a homemade ice cream contest. Each household brings a canister of homemade ice cream and all group members vote to see which one tastes the best.
  15. Attend sporting events together of kids whose parents are in your group.
  16. Do prayer walks through the neighborhood where your group meets.
  17. Instead of having your regular group meeting, have a cookout.
  18. Do a scavenger hunt. You’ll be shocked at how fun this can be!
  19. Have a group-wide garage sale with all donations going to a ministry of the group’s choosing.
  20. Make sandwiches, get chips and drinks, and go to the part of the city where there are many homeless people. Pass out the food to those who are accepting and pray for each of them before they start their meal. Even better, eat with them.
Rick Howerton has authored many small group studies, is a highly sought after trainer and speaker, and is the author of Destination Community: Small Group Ministry Manual and A Different Kind of Tribe: Embracing the New Small Group Dynamic. You can follow Rick on Twitter @rickhowerton.