Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Programming and Your Church Strategey

By Eric Geiger
Your church has programs. Or environments. Or whatever it is that you call things where people gather/attend/meet together on a regular basis.
Many church leaders struggle connecting strategy or discipleship process with church programming. It is common for a team to gather to discuss discipleship process or strategy and fail to see implications of their discussions on their weekly programming. Or they almost view the two discussions as mutually exclusive, as if the programming conversation is unspiritual and the discipleship conversation has no bearing on what the church offers. While we must be careful not to equate assimilation with transformation, a wise church leader wants to utilize the church’s programs as tools the Lord will use in the transformation of His people. The programs must be viewed as tools for the people, and not the people as tools to run programs.
When I have met with church leaders on the impact of their discipleship process/strategy on their programming, here are four discussion points I have used: