Friday, March 7, 2014

New Exclusive Clip From Moms' Night Out

Exclusive ClipA New, Exclusive Clip featuring Sean Astin and Alex Kendrick
While the moms have made big plans for their evening out in MOMS' NIGHT OUT, the dads experience an equally eventful and hilarious adventure. In this scene featuring Sean Astin and Alex Kendrick, Sean must make a quick decision between getting his separated shoulder worked on or helping out his wife. In a tip of the hat to every guy, he chooses to do both!

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Ultimate Mother's Day Gift
The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift
Throughout the year, guys are faced with the most challenging of tasks: buying gifts for their wives. Will it be the right size? Does it have enough sparkle? Is there a chord connected? How do I wrap this?

This Mother's Day, we've taken the guesswork out with MOMS' NIGHT OUT. Opening in theaters on May 9—the Friday of Mother's Day weekend—plan a moms' night out for your wife and her friends. Or you can see the movie as a special family outing. Or both! However you do it, remember: you never lose with the gift of laughter.

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