Friday, February 7, 2014

Small Group Short Term Studies From LifeWay

When the Bible meets life, people begin seeing everything through the truth of Scripture.

In John 4, Jesus connected with an outcast woman and helped her see how He alone was the answer to her greatest need. This new small group series focuses on real-life, topical issues that let your people see how Jesus is the answer to their greatest needs, too‒how the Bible meets their life right where they are.
Biblically rooted and based on an intentional discipleship plan designed to mature believers, this series helps you equip your members to understand how faith impacts their family, their career, and their struggles. And all the while challenges them to live out their faith, right where they are.

The Specifics

  • Six sessions each
  • Ideal for groups meeting anytime, anywhere
  • Designed for leaders of all levels, from the experienced to the novice
  • Two new studies are released every 3 months
  • Group Member Book available in print, digital, and app formats

Perfect for a Church Campaign

Any of the small group study topics can be the theme of a church campaign by integrating that topic into your weekly sermons. You'll find helpful tools in each title's Leader Kit.
  • Promotional video, presentation slides, banner ads, and posters
  • Video: One for each session featuring the author providing biblical insight
  • Leader guide: Expands on the commentary you get in the Group Member Book
  • PLUS- Free online sermon outlines: Two sets for each session. One uses the same Scripture passage as the session. The other expands on the theme but uses different Scripture passages.

Leader Kits

Leader Kits include helpful resources for a campaign or small group Bible study:
  • Group Member Book
  • Video for all six sessions featuring the author providing biblical insight to stimulate group discussion
  • Leader guide (expanded with commentary)
  • Promotional helps including video, posters, banner ads, and presentation slide