Monday, February 3, 2014

Enhancements Coming For BSFL Kids!

LifeWay is making several enhancements to Bible Studies For Life:Kids!  I have attached some materials explaining the enhancements and samples showing what they'll look like. Please feel free to pass along this message or any of the attached files to your leaders. I hope they will be pleased.

The most important--based on feedback from kids leaders in churches--are the enhancements to the Activity Pages, and specifically the "One Conversation" side of that page. One of the promises of Bible Studies For Life is to help churches Strengthen Families. That is more important than any format. Leaders have told us they think parents and teachers would prefer the picture and story the child explored in their class/group as the catalyst for a spiritual conversation between a child and his or her parent. So we are doing that!

Because we continue to listen and learn while we meet publishing deadlines, we are making these enhancements in three steps:

1. Spring '14 (2-page PDF attached) represents an interim step that features the teaching picture and Bible story for kids and preschoolers.

2. Summer '14 pages (samples attached) will have only the teaching picture and Bible story for kids (Grades 1-6) and Preschool (1s-Kindergarten). It will also include a Daily Bible Reading suggestion.

3. Fall '14 pages (sample attached) will make additional improvements to lift up Levels of Biblical Learning, and provide additional questions for parents to discuss with their children in relation to the Bible Story. For churches that provide the original format of the One Conversation page, it will be available on the Enhanced CD and online at

Check it all out under the Kids tab at where you will find a video overview and samples of the coming enhancements.

We want to serve your church well in its mission of making disciples. Please continue to let us know how we can do that better.