Wednesday, February 26, 2014

7 Things to do if your group isn’t growing

By Ken Braddy
I never thought I’d be writing a blog post about this topic.  Through the years I’ve experienced success in launching new Bible study groups and seeing the churches I served grow (and in one church growth was incredible and exponential), but my wife and I recently launched a new ongoing Bible study group at our church (called a LIFE Group at our church) and until recently, the group hadn’t grown as much as I’d like. I realize that developing community and growing spiritually are important factors, too, and that numerical growth isn’t the only thing to look for. But I do want my group to grow and reach out to people who are unconnected.
At one point, we weren’t sure that our fledgling group was going to make it. Thankfully, things have changed (more on that at the end) but there are plenty of small groups and Sunday School classes that are in a similar situation to where we were this past year. What do you do if your group isn’t growing? Having lived through it, I’ve realized there are seven options: