Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Make Sure Your Scorecard Is Correct


By Ed Stetzer
Caroline Inglis was on the verge of an historic feat. No high school golfer, male or female, had ever captured the Oregon state title four consecutive years. Inglis won the class 5A state tournament her freshman, sophomore, and junior years. There seemed very little doubt that she would win the title again as a senior.
On the course, Caroline dominated the rest of the field — finishing with a 3-under 69, nine shots better than any other golfer. On the last hole, with victory assured, she scored her first bogey of the day.
That would not have been an issue, except for the fact that her playing partner wrote down she made a par. Caroline signed her scorecard and turned it in, believing she had just accomplished an Oregon first. In reality, she had just disqualified herself.
In golf, turning in an incorrect scorecard results in an automatic disqualification. Because of the mistake, Caroline forfeited the win. Having the wrong scorecard can make all the difference in the world.