Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Choices for Every Group This Winter!

Still have groups trying to decide what to study this winter?  Offer them a choice between three excellent studies from LifeWay.  They cover topics I think we could all benefit from studying, plus you’ll have confidence your groups are using studies you can trust.
This study will cover two key topics.  First, it will reveal our need to experience new life in Christ through a six-session study of Romans 1-8.  Second, it will guide us through a six-session study of biblical responses to six very common questions every person wrestles with.  Questions like:  “How can I be sure God exists?”  “Why should I trust the Bible?” “How did we get here?”  Etc.

Want to help strengthen families?  Consider using our studies for Students & Kids and help families keep the conversation going at home.

Explore the Bible
The Winter issue of this study will focus on the Gospel of John, chapters 12-21, and helping us grasp the overriding concept that God has provided one Word, one life, and one way.

The Gospel Project
The Winter issue of this study guides us through what it means to have a God-centered worldview, by focusing on three key areas of study.  The first area defines a biblical worldview.  The second deals with four big questions often asked about God, like “Is God Good?”  The third addresses major debates in our culture and offers God’s perspective as provided through His Word.

Looking for a similar Christ-centered study experience for all ages?  Consider using our studies for Students & Kids