Monday, November 11, 2013

Ministry Grid Launches Tomorrow!

When it comes to developing leaders, do you relate to the following challenges?

Time – People have crazy schedules and don’t have time to attend training. I find it hard to even have time for me to prepare for training.

Knowledge Base - I don’t have the knowledge base or enough content to train new volunteers and my more experienced volunteers, but I would like more consistency in my leaders year over year.

Expense – Training can be very expensive. Whether it’s bringing in trainers, sending people to conferences, or purchasing specialized training for a specific ministry area, the costs escalate quickly beyond my budget.

Responding to these challenges and more is at the heart of LifeWay’s launch of Ministry Grid on November 12.  Ministry Grid is a web-based training platform that makes developing leaders simpler and more effective than ever before. It removes the obstacles most churches face in training leaders and providing the right training at the right time, no matter the ministry role that needs it. Ministry Grid features:
  • More than 1,000 video courses from parking lot ministry to the pulpit 
  • Convenient web and mobile platforms for training anytime, anywhere
  • Intuitive learning management systems to easily assign training, monitor progress, and assess giftedness for all your people
  • Customizable content, including the ability to upload your own content and turn off unwanted content
  • Affordable subscription rates priced according to your ministry size

To learn more about Ministry Grid, go to www.ministrygrid.comAnd be sure to look for the 3 months free pre-buy offer!