Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Preview Winter studies from Ben Mandrell and Robert Jeffress

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Now that Fall studies are beginning in churches, we wanted to give you a quick preview of what you can expect next from Bible Studies for Life. Winter features two great studies from Ben Mandrell and Robert Jeffress that will help take your groups deeper into the Word in their pursuit of God's real-life truths.

Do Over: Experience New Life in Christ by Ben Mandrell
Who wouldn't like a chance to do over an embarrassing outburst, a rash decision, or a bad choice? Frankly, we could use a do over of our entire lives! This study from the Book of Romans shows you that, while you can't make the change, Jesus can do over your life. Ideal for small groups.

Ben Mandrell is Senior Pastor of Englewood Baptist Church in Jackson, Tennessee.

Honest to God by Robert Jeffress
There are some hard questions out there– questions that may seem to cast doubt on the foundational truths of Christianity– but Christians can approach these questions honestly and rationally. Honest to God addresses foundational issues in the life of every person: the origin and significance of human life, the existence and nature of God, and how God reveals Himself and relates to people. Ideal for small groups.

Robert Jeffress is the Senior Pastor of the historic First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas.

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