Friday, August 16, 2013

Start Strengthening Your Families with One Conversation

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When it comes to strengthening families, one conversation can change everything. Bible Studies for Life believes in the Bible's remarkable ability to speak truth into today's families and provide strength for everyday life. But before that can happen, the family needs to come together around a singular focus—the life-giving truth of Scripture. And you can help.

Watch this free video to see how centering family life around the Bible can change the course of a family's life.

To help you encourage and promote strong families in your church, Bible Studies for Life has created One Conversation™, a powerful yet practical tool that gives families a single truth from Scripture to study together each week. Families can gather around this simple plan and spend time discussing, praying over, and building family goals around a clear, applicable Bible truth. One Conversation is easy to implement and helps serve as the beginning of a great journey in your family.

You can download our One Conversation guide each week on our website.

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The Bible Studies for Life team