Monday, August 19, 2013

Inspire Your Group Leaders With These Great Tools!

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Bible Studies for Life is designed to make it easy for leaders, but we also know that many group leaders want additional resources to help them take their groups deeper. That's why we've created a number of resources—many of which are free—to help.

Free Leader Resources:

• Leader Extras: Every session of Bible Studies for Life: Students and Adults includes alternate introduction, application, and discussion ideas for specific kinds of groups, such as men, women, singles, boomers, and parents. Plus, Leader Extras for Kids has leader helps and bonus activities.
• Blog posts: The blog features tips and key background information to help give leaders real-world context for each
• Articles: Additional reading to take leaders deeper in each topic
• Videos: Training, lesson illustrations, and more to help leaders prepare, take people deeper, and spread the word about new topics
Consider purchasing these great tools:
• Leader Pack: This incredible tool give leaders video tools, visual aids, printable extras, and more to give greater impact to each session. Available for purchase by age group at
• Commentaries: For in-depth exposition for each session, commentaries are available for purchase separately and can be used with any Bible Studies for Life resource.
Advanced Commentary is perfect for the leader or group member who desires a more extensive commentary.
Herschel Hobbs Commentary is a trusted supplement that is KJV-based but interacts with all major, modern translations.
• Biblical Illustrator provides fascinating articles and information on biblical archaeology, customs, and locations. Provides vivid photos of Bible lands, people, maps, and archaeological finds.
All these resources and more can be found at

Thank you for allowing us to serve you in your mission of making disciples.

The Bible Studies for Life Team