Wednesday, June 12, 2013

LifeWay Launches New, Easier Ordering System

In addition to new Bible studies and an extensive library of church resources, LifeWay is offering customers and churches an updated, simpler way to order.
On May 15 LifeWay launched
“With all the increased options like Bible translations, more digital offerings and so on, we wanted to make it easy for our churches to order the resources they need,” said Bill Craig, director of publishing, who led the revamp.
“Now when customers go to the website to order ongoing resources, the step-by-step process makes decision-making easy,” he said. “They can sign in using the church’s existing account, or enter as a guest to just browse. No personal information will be needed until the order is placed.”
Once signed in, customers go directly to a page that asks a simple question: What are you looking for? They choose the quarter and products needed.
The four choices are: Ongoing Bible Studies, Magazines and Devotionals, Church Worship or Church Bulletins.
When customers know what they want, it’s simple to make a choice with a click of the mouse. If uncertain, for example, what kind of ongoing Bible study they want, a video is available, explaining each of the options and giving them information to make an informed decision. Then, they continue the ordering process.
Selections can be narrowed down by age group, format, product family, translation, etc. in each family of resources. Customers choose how many of everything they need, and then are given the chance to make sure the order is correct. From this step they can either check out or go back and continue shopping for other materials.
“This new process is a lot more intuitive than the old one,” said Dave Thoma, director of eCommerce and “I think customers will be very pleased. But, we know there will be customers who were happy using the old site. If they don’t want to change to the new site, they can still use the original form and have the option to choose it at the welcome screen.”
Cindy Landes, marketing strategist who worked on the project, said, “We hope employees will login as a guest and see how simple this is. We want them to be able to tell people in their churches about all the improvements to the ordering site.”
Go to to browse the new site.