Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What Keeps Church Leaders Up at Night

It's the first thing on your mind every morning; your last thought before you go to sleep: I'm accountable to God to disciple my people well. Are they being formed in the image of Jesus? Are the studies we're providing leading to life change? Bible Studies for Life lets you rest assured knowing your people are being discipled with a wise plan that will bring them to greater maturity in Christ.
Bible Studies for Life helps you disciple your people with wisdom by:
 Providing Personal Study Guides that provoke transformational conversations 
 Creating studies based upon a wise discipleship plan
Choosing new Bible study resources for one group or your entire church is an important decision. Finding resources that match the mission, culture, and discipleship plan of your ministry in the vast sea of materials is definitely a daunting task. We're confident that Bible Studies for Life will help your ministry team connect the unconnected and strengthen the families in your church through compelling studies based on a wise discipleship plan.