Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bible Studies for Life: Interview with Ronnie Floyd

By Carol Pipes 
This fall, LifeWay will launch Bible Studies for Life, an ongoing curriculum series for all ages. Bible Studies for Life General Editor Ronnie Floyd spoke with Facts and Trends about how the new curriculum will help the local church meet the spiritual needs of its members and engage unreached people in its community with the gospel. 
Facts and Trends: What are the benefits of the Bible Studies for Life curriculum for a local church? 
Ronnie Floyd: The number-one benefit of this curriculum series is it will be an experience "where the Bible meets your life." Weekly, we will communicate the power of Christ as people engage both their spiritual community and this Christ-less culture. Without any doubt at all, this is "from the church to the church" as spiritual leaders from all walks of life have poured their intellect, heart, and passion into this curriculum. 
F&T: How did you choose the topics that will be the focus of each unit? 
Floyd: As general editor my vision, along with the LifeWay team's vision, was to enlist a diverse, gifted, and responsible advisory council of leaders from all segments of the local church to help us design a curriculum series that addresses the challenges of daily life. As we mined their gifts and desires, this group of pastors, small group leaders, theologians, scholars, and teachers worked with us to determine the scope and sequence for the next three years of the Bible Studies for Life curriculum series. Our commitment is to ensure the promise "where the Bible meets your life."