Wednesday, July 18, 2012

LifeWay Magazines and Devotionals

I don't know whether or not you provide Christian magazines for your church members or encourage them to subscribe to Christian magazines. At our church we have a large rack that holds the LifeWay Magazines that we provide for our church family. We've found that our particular church responds to HomeLife, ParentLife, Mature Living, and Journey Magazines. We also chose to try the new More Living Magazine geared to boomers (ages 46-64) and have had a very favorable response.

With so many media influences in people's lives, these magazines are a valuable, inexpensive investment to keep our church families connected to a Christian worldview between Sundays. Here's some info about the ones we use:

HomeLife - HomeLife partners with you to build long-lasting, healthy marriages and families, which in turn builds a stronger church overall. It provides fresh ideas for families, marriages, and parenting and helps adults put Jesus at the core of their home and build spiritual foundations that last generations.

More Living (NEW!) More Living encourages Boomers (ages 46-64) to accomplish great things for God, embrace the opportunity to go to the lost world for Christ's sake, mentor younger generations, and so much more. In every issue, this 78-million-strong, youthful generation will find applicable, authentic information and wisdom to help them help them make the most out of this wonderful season of life by living the message of John 3:30 - "He must increase but I must decrease."

Mature Living - This award-winning monthly magazine focuses on the personal and spiritual needs of the diverse generations of adults 55+ to encourage them with faith and hope in the second half of life as they build a strong legacy of leadership, stewardship and discipleship with their families, churches and communities.

ParentLife will help you and your church develop the next generation by equipping parents to build strong, godly families. It includes practical ideas, devotionals for families, and Christian living insights written especially for parents.

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