Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Transformational Discipleship: How do people really grow?

As a ministry leader I know your heart is to see growth and transformation happen in every person in your church. A new resource from LifeWay called Transformational Discipleship will help you create a process where this can happen. While it does not provide a magic formula, it does offer a combination of biblical understanding, solid research, and the experience of churches and individuals who have wholeheartedly answered the call of Jesus to be and make disciples.

As part of the Transformational Church initiative, this is a reliable guide for church leaders and members to practice the intentional efforts needed to foster an entire culture in which people grow in Christian faith.

Start by watching a video of Eric Geiger and Phillip Nation talking about Transformational Discipleship on The Exchange with Ed Stetzer or read this article from LifeWay Research on how Pastors See Discipleship Progress Despite Lack of Regular Evaluation.

If you're ready to evaluate the spiritual health of your congregation and the effectiveness of your methods of discipleship you may access the Transformational Discipleship Assessment here...

You may also get more information about the Transformational Discipleship DVD and the Transformational Discipleship Book here...