Monday, February 27, 2012

The Gospel Project Focuses On Jesus

By Jon D. Wilke

Writers and editors of LifeWay's newest Bible study curriculum approached their task with a singular focus – to draw attention to Jesus.

While seemingly stating the obvious, there was much more to consider, said Trevin Wax, managing editor of The Gospel Project, a new gospel-centered multigenerational Bible study.

"The Gospel Project is more than curriculum," Wax said. "The church is God's gospel project; we are His project.

"It's possible to scour and search the Scriptures and miss the point," he said. "It's easy to come to Scripture looking for just new information or immediate application. We can even have Bible knowledge and not be focused on Christ."

Wax explained that The Gospel Project examines the breadth of the Bible and seeks to reveal to participants how every story, every theological concept and missional truth points to Jesus.

Ed Stetzer, president of LifeWay Research, serves as general editor for The Gospel Project.

"Exploring the riches of what God has done for us in Christ takes effort, but the reward is incalculable," Stetzer said. "In studying the Scriptures, we encounter Jesus Christ.

"The message we all need is the gospel – and that message is for unbelievers and believers alike," said Stetzer. "The apostle Paul says it's the message 'by which we are being saved.'"According to Wax, "The goal of The Gospel Project is to provide a theologically driven study that points people to Jesus. The Gospel Project shows that the gospel is central to our daily lives. Not that it just saves us, but it also sustains us.

"God uses the gospel to move us along; He uses the gospel in our hearts and lives to move our feet out 'on mission,'" Wax said.

The Gospel Project for Kids "takes children on a chronological journey through the Bible, showing how these individual stories point ahead to God's ultimate plan of redemption through Christ," Wax said.

"The Gospel Project for Students and for Adults is theologically-driven, and by that, we mean it's structured theologically," he said. "The scope and sequence is based loosely on the theological topics covered in A Theology for the Church – a great Baptist systematic theology textbook edited by Danny Akin. So, our goal is to take participants through the basics of systematic and biblical theology, while focusing on the grand narrative of Scripture and our calling to live on mission for the kingdom of Christ."

Wax said writers for the student and adult components approach each lesson with an objective to answer three questions:

How does this topic fit into the big story of Scripture?
"This helps them connect the dots for learners to see how doctrine relates to the grand narrative," Wax said.

What is distinctively Christian about the way I am addressing the topic?
"This question always leads us back to the Good News of salvation through Jesus," he said.

How does this truth equip God's church to live on mission?
"This question helps us keep doctrine and Bible study connected to missional application," Wax said.

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