Friday, January 6, 2012

Film "October Baby" Sends Message Of Hope And Healing

A tasteful, high-quality, and uplifting film, October Baby suggests that sometimes our future hope can be found in our hidden past. The film tells the story of Hannah Larson who entered a world that didn't want her. In spite of a loving home, she inexplicably felt like an outcast who had no right to exist.

This is the premise for October Baby, a March release from Provident Films. Nineteen-year-old Hannah already feels different enough with certain physical limitations, so her emotional state is somewhat fragile. When medical tests point back to her difficult birth, she learns that she was actually adopted after a failed abortion attempt.

Touching on everyday issues of parenting, college life, and young love, October Baby opens the door to much deeper issues related to abortion, adoption, and broken family relationships. This film can be a wonderful healing agent for those in your church and community who have struggled with any of these situations.

Rent a theater, purchase tickets in bulk, or plan small-group outings and use the film as a springboard for conversations and discussions around the film's topics. Learn more about the film at

In April, LifeWay will release an accompanying Bible study called Every Life is Beautiful. The four-session study will guide participants through a more in-depth exploration of understanding who you are in Christ, forgiveness, and restoration.

Until next time...share the journey and enjoy the ride!