Thursday, June 30, 2011

Theo Church Edition Makes Teaching Theology Easy And Fun!

Theo Church Edition makes teaching theology easy and fun for school age children with Theo, the Animated Theologian, who offers a rare combination-packaging rich theological content with high entertainment value. Join Theo and his mischievous little friends as they explore theological lessons like faith, obeying God's Word, forgiveness, the armor of God, sin and the plan of salvation. Make the biblical content come alive through fun, age-appropriate Bible curriculum that revolves around the Bible stories imbedded in each episode of Theo. Each entertaining, animated episode corresponds with a printable lesson plan that digs deep into God's Word. Perfect for small group times!

-Levels of Biblical Learning Concept Area: God, Salvation
-Four 10-minute videos on DVD, plus the bonus session "Good News!"
-ROM portion contains leader information, teaching plans, and parent information
-Makes teaching theology easy and fun
-Helps lead children to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
-Teaches important aspects of growing in grace

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