Friday, May 6, 2011

The Transformational Class Exhibits Prayerful Dependence

By David Francis

This is the fifth of an eight-part series of articles summarizing each of the chapters in Transformational Class: Transformational Church Goes to Sunday School. Each article addresses one of the seven elements of transformational churches and how it might apply in a small group or Sunday school class. To learn more about these seven elements, visit

Following the Transformational Church research project, LifeWay's team of consultants reported to Dr. Ed Stetzer and his team that prayer is the fuel that drives transformational churches. It will be the fuel that undergirds the work of a transformational Sunday school class, too. What might that look like?

The Sunday school teacher or leader who wants a transformational class will arrive early - not just to prepare before the first member or guest arrives, but to pray. Picture a leader standing in an empty room, arranged for people who've yet to arrive, asking God to provide direction for the activities that will soon take place. The leader envisions the faces of the boys, girls, men, or women who will enjoy Bible study, and prays about the needs they will share during class. Now imagine a pastor, staff member, or Sunday School Director interrupting that time with his own prayer-walk through the education area! Leader and teacher join together briefly to ask God to honor their expectation that new people will come. That's a picture of prayerful dependence.


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