Monday, May 16, 2011

Courageous Resources For Father's Day

Dear Ministry Leader,

As you look forward to Father's day next month (June 19, 2011) I want to remind you that Sherwood Pictures' next movie, Courageous, will hit theaters on September 30, 2011. Courageous, much like Facing the Giants and Fireproof, will lead to great conversations, message illustrations, and ministry opportunities. In this case the focus is on fatherhood.

One option to leverage the momentum of this film is to launch a focus on fatherhood beginning on Father's Day. You could do this by planning an exciting, celebratory Father's Day event or church service using some of the free resources collected around Courageous.

To access a series of complementary video downloads, a sermon outline, and an encouraging article for dads (along with other Father's Day sermons and ideas) go to

Learn more at

Courageous First Look DVD - This 30-minute overview specifically for pastors and other ministry and business leaders shows five selected scenes from the movie with both Pastor Michael Catt and Producer Stephen Kendrick sharing from their perspectives about these scenes, the message of the film, and the intended impact for families, churches, and communities. This DVD is only available through scheduling a personal appointment with me as my travel schedule allows. It’s a great promo piece! Let me know if you wish to view it or have some of your ministry networks see it.

Private Advanced Courageous Movie Screenings - Provident Films has scheduled private advanced screenings of the full Courageous Movie for pastors and other ministry and business Leaders. These key influencer screenings are free but require reservations because seating will be limited. To find an event near you and reserve your seat, email me and I will send you an evite.

Start A Courageous Action Squad - An Action Squad allows churches, businesses, groups, and individuals to support the theater release of Courageous in their community. Much like getting a group together to buy tickets for a play or a sporting event, an Action Squad is a group of people working together to purchase tickets to see Courageous in their community. Action Squad leaders promote, partner with, and persevere to insure this faith-based film makes a local impact. Your Action Squad can purchase a showtime for Opening Weekend if Courageous is opening in your community. And if your town is not scheduled to release in your area, your Action Squad can bring Courageous to your town. To learn more and to register to be an Action Squad, go to

Courageous Church Campaign Kit, Courageous Starter Pack, Courageous Living Bible Study, The Resolution for Men, The Resolution for Women, Honor Begins at Home: Courageous Bible Study, and Courageous Living: Dare to Take a Stand - This set of strategic resources will help pastors and other ministry leaders lead their church in spiritual preparation leading up to the release of Courageous, as well as resources to use as follow-up to the movie. Learn more about them at
, and

Looking for help in starting new Sunday School classes or Small Groups? Check out the new LifeSource from LifeWay. It is a low-cost resource your church can use to start new (or restart established) adult Sunday School classes; help develop healthy groups by providing a framework and expectations; and help future leaders understand the importance of a curriculum plan, instead of a “what are we going to study next?” meandering. Start a new class whether you have a teacher enlisted yet, or not; all you need is a group, a DVD player, and a facilitator. (13 sessions) This is also a great resource for ongoing leader training. Learn more at

FLYTE: Faith. Life. Together. is the much anticipated new preteen curriculum from LifeWay and it is now available! Learn more at

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Until next time...share the journey and enjoy the ride!