Monday, April 25, 2011

New Resource For Starting (Or Restarting) A Healthy New Class

LifeSource: Help Start a Healthy New Class - Leader Kit is a low-cost resource your church can use to start new (or restart established) adult Sunday School classes; help develop healthy groups by providing a framework and expectations; and help future leaders understand the importance of a curriculum plan, instead of a “what are we going to study next?” meandering. Start a new class whether you have a teacher enlisted yet, or not; all you need is a group, a DVD player, and a facilitator. (13 sessions) This is also a great resource for ongoing leader training.

Kit Includes:
-Includes Learner Guide
-Teaching plans: 13 sessions of video teaching study plans (on such topics as work, money, character, victory, and defeat)
-13 sessions of video training for the entire class to lay the foundations for a healthy ongoing class (such as “Get Serious About Having Fun” and “Following Up with Guests”)
-13 sessions of video training for facilitators and future leaders, also making it a great resource for leader meetings and leader training (such as “How to Prepare a Great Lesson Every Week” and “Delegate for Effectiveness”)

Official release date of LifeSource is May 2. Free commentary and other downloads can be found on the web product page. This resource is an undated piece with 13 sessions with every learner needing a learner guide. The Bible studies are taken from Bible Studies for Life 2004-2005 dated curriculum.

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