Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Transformational Class Exhibits Vibrant Leadership

By David Francis

This is the third of an eight-part series of articles summarizing each of the chapters in Transformational Class: Transformational Church Goes to Sunday School. Each article addresses one of the seven elements of transformational churches and how it might apply in a small group or Sunday school class. You can learn more about these seven elements by visiting

Transformational Class: Transformational Church Goes to Sunday School - Kit

When LifeWay's team of consultants returned to Nashville to debrief what they had heard with Dr. Ed Stetzer and his team during the Transformational Church research project, the element of vibrant leadership stood out clearly.

If you've read about organizational leadership, you'll recognize the idea of the "inverted pyramid." Vibrant leaders see themselves as servants at the bottom of a pyramid, whose primary job is to exhort and support those charged with carrying out the organization's vision and mission. From the stories they told our consultants that seemed to be true of transformational church pastors. They delighted in sharing about those captivated by a vision of introducing people to Jesus, equipping disciples to become more like Him, helping their church act more like His body, ministering in their communities as a reflection of His kingdom, or going beyond to advance it.

I don't think the word "ambitious" was ever used to describe these leaders. They were both humble and confident - confident that God had placed them in that church to shepherd those people, to guide them to love their community with Spirit-empowered words and works that would bring glory to the Father and people to the feet of His Son Jesus.


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