Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Breaking News About Courageous, Releasing In Theaters On September 30th

Provident Films has posted on the Courageous Movie website a live link to view the Courageous Movie trailer that has been showing now for a couple of weeks in theaters. It’s a gripping introduction to this powerful movie. Use this link to view it and share it with others.

Also, Provident Films has now scheduled private advanced viewings of the full Courageous Movie for pastors and other ministry and business leaders. These key influencer viewings are free but require reservations because seating will be limited. To find an event near you and reserve your seat, go to this link.

These new Courageous promotional pieces further support what is already available to assist you in preparing for ministry impact this fall in your church and community:

The Heart of Courageous video - This is a 5-minute video introduction to the message of Courageous. View it here.

Courageous Church Campaign Kit – This set of strategic resources will help pastors and other ministry leaders lead their church in spiritual preparation leading up to the release of Courageous, as well as resources to use as follow-up to the movie. Learn more about it here.

Courageous First Look DVD – This 30-minute overview specifically for pastors and other ministry and business leaders shows five selected scenes from the movie with both Pastor Michael Catt and Producer Stephen Kendrick sharing from their perspectives about these scenes, the message of the film, and the intended impact for families, churches, and communities. This DVD is only available through scheduling a personal appointment with me as my travel schedule allows. It’s a great promo piece! Let me know if you wish to view it or have some of your ministry networks see it.

Hopefully you are sensing the growing momentum of Courageous for this fall. It will be the largest ministry opportunity churches will have for this type of impact in quite some time. Don’t miss it!

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Thanks for your partnership in ministry!

Until next time...share the journey and enjoy the ride!