Monday, November 22, 2010

How To Guide Members Who Feel Called To Vocational Ministry

While it is true that everyone is called to salvation and ministry, the church has long recognized that God uses some persons' aptitudes, interests, physical and emotional capacities, and spiritual commitment to call them into some phase of ministry as their vocation. These persons, based on their gifts and desire to serve, find that they can best devote their entire life to God’s call to a specific task.

When counseling persons exploring vocational ministry, make clear that ministry is not simply a profession but a calling. The only proper motivation is that God has called them to this decision.

Some may experience an inward conviction.

Others may feel a compelling, driving direction or a divine impulse.

Still others may experience something dramatic.

The nature of the call is not as significant as its source - God has led them to this decision. You may even recognize God’s call in a person’s life before the person does. Be cautious not to influence a person’s decision, but be supportive. If you sense God dealing with someone in this way, affirm the person by sharing that you also have felt God moving in this direction in his or her life. This can help confirm the person’s decision.

Here are some practical ways to help.


Until next time...share the journey and enjoy the ride!