Friday, October 1, 2010

Transformational Worship In A Transformational Church Live Webcast-October 21

Do we have to convince our community that our church is cool? Do we have to convince the world that we have a better religion? Can you transform a church with a change in worship style?

These questions and more will be addressed by Mike Harland, Director of LifeWay Worship and Ed Stetzer, President of LifeWay Research on Thursday, October 21, at 1:00pm (Central) during a live webcast. You and your staff are encouraged to attend as these two dynamic leaders look at issues surrounding worship in the local church.

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Thousands of ministers of music, pastors, seminary and university professors and students have viewed Mike and Ed’s last webcast on worship—Reverence vs Relevance. Make plans to join us again for this momentous live event, Transformational Worship in a Transformational Church.

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NOTE: This great event has now been archived and can be viewed at: