Friday, September 17, 2010

Sex Offenders In The Church

Churches find themselves caught in the tension of where to strike balance in ministering to sex offenders, some appropriate mix of redemptive ministry of restoration and inclusion while at the same time providing necessary safeguards within the congregation.

I continually dealt with this while serving my last church in Phoenix where we had to maintain an on-going process of monitoring certain apartment properties close to our location as well as screening new persons on our campus.

So, this recent survey was of interest to me and perhaps will be to you too.

Sex Offenders in the Pew
How churches are ministering to society's most despised.
By Marian V. Liautaud

In April 2010, Christianity Today International (CTI) conducted a national survey of 2,864 people, including ordained church leaders (15 percent), church staff (20 percent), lay members (43 percent), and other active Christians (22 percent). Respondents were drawn from the readers of CTI publications and websites. The purpose of the "Sex Offenders in the Church" survey was to explore attitudes and beliefs on whether to allow sex offenders to participate in faith communities. The survey explored what practices churches use to keep their congregations safe when sex offenders are welcomed.


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