Thursday, September 9, 2010

Is The Church Library Still Relevant?

Libraries have been a big part of my life. Growing up my mom took me to the public library for story time before I started school. In Elementary School I must have read every book in the adventure section. In Junior and Senior High School the library was where all the cute girls hung out, so I did too. And in college the library was the perfect place to take an afternoon nap. But then came several years of seminary graduate work and the library became my secluded work place for study and research. And in the churches where I have served, most had church libraries that I used to resource and support my volunteer leaders with a large variety of resources helpful to their church leadership. So, I've spent alot of time in libraries.

I was recently visiting a church in the Houston area and took time to browse their bookstore while I was waiting for my appointment. It was a nice area and I was impressed with their inventory. It started me thinking about the current need and role of church libraries and the transition seemingly taking place from church libraries to church bookstores.

So, I was interested in reading the article Why the Church Library Is Still Relevant when it popped into my inbox. Maybe it will be of interest to you too.

Read Why the Church Library Is Still Relevant.

Until next time...share the journey and enjoy the ride!